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Egg Donor Program

Our egg donor program can help you start or grow the family of your dreams

Sometimes, the path to parenthood has unexpected twists and turns. For example, some patients need to seek out third party reproduction options at Texas Fertility Center to help welcome a baby. If this is true for you, our in-house egg donor program and Madeline Kaye MD at our Cedar Park fertility clinic can help. Our team can also connect you with other third party services, including donor sperm, donor embryos and gestational surrogacy.

See why our in-house egg donor program has such high success rates

Texas Fertility Center has been making pregnancy and parenthood possible since 1980. Many of our patients have been able to have a baby by relying on our in-house donor program.

We know pursuing egg donation can be an emotional journey, so our team strives to make it a little bit easier. Our in-house program features diverse and highly qualified egg donors who have undergone comprehensive medical and psychological screening.

When you sign up for our database, you can view photos and information about all of the women in our egg donor program. If you don’t see the right donor for you in our in-house program, we can refer you to another egg bank. We’ll then work with you once you find the donor who is perfect for you and your family.

Throughout your third party reproduction cycle, Dr. Kaye and our Cedar Park fertility clinic team will be there to guide you. From keeping you updated on your donor’s cycle to walking you through egg donor IVF, we’ll provide the support you need.

Explore other third party reproduction options

Using egg donation isn’t the only form of third party reproduction. Our Cedar Park fertility clinic also assists patients who are planning to conceive using donor sperm and embryos as well as gestational surrogacy.

  • A sperm donor is a man who donates healthy sperm to help patients overcome severe male infertility. Sperm donors can also help single women and lesbian couples conceive.
  • Using donor embryos is a great option for patients who want to pursue an affordable way to start or grow their family.
  • Gestational surrogacy is a third party reproduction option that involves another woman carrying a pregnancy for a woman who cannot or for a same-sex male couple.

Just as with egg donation, you can rely on Dr. Kaye and our team to guide you through every step so that you have a successful and meaningful family-building journey.

If you’d like to learn more about fertility treatments at Texas Fertility Center or get started on your journey with us, please contact us. We look forward to helping you bring home a healthy baby.