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Resolution within reach

A Cedar Park fertility center focused on you

Fast-growing Cedar Park provides its residents Hill Country living within close proximity to world-class fertility care in both Austin and Round Rock. If you encounter problems getting pregnant, Texas Fertility Center has five locations near your home and work to help put you on the path to a family.

With more than 150 years of combined experience and six sought-after reproductive endocrinologists, our specialists expertly resolve infertility problems with care and compassion for our Cedar Park fertility patients.

Our comprehensive diagnostic and fertility treatment services for men, women, couples, and singles include minimally invasive and state-of-the-art options:

    • Fertility surgery
    • Ovulation induction
    • IUI – artificial insemination
    • Fertility preservation

    • IVF – in vitro fertilization
    • ICSI for male infertility
    • Donor egg and donor sperm
    • LGBT family building

Is it time to see a fertility specialist?

Infertility is a disease that prevents natural conception. Advice intended to be helpful, such as “Relax and you will get pregnant,” only prolongs the time it can take you to conceive. Issues such as ovulation problems, tubal blockage, or endometriosis in women and low sperm counts for men, for instance, will require medical intervention. Delaying treatment may only exacerbate the problem and increase the amount of time it takes until you can start your family

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends that couples should seek treatment after one year of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant. Because maternal age negatively impacts fertility, women over 35 should partner with a fertility specialist after trying for six months.

You should also consider scheduling a consultation at one of our fertility centers if you experience painful or irregular periods, as these can indicate ovulatory disorders or health problems such as PCOS, endometriosis or ovarian cysts.

TFC has been caring for Cedar Park families since 1980

Family Circle Magazine ranks Cedar Park as one of the “Ten Best Towns for Families.” Our goals are to help you enjoy the best that your hometown has to offer, and to accelerate your plans for having a family here.

Our fertility specialists are recognized annually as Best Doctors in America™ and Super Doctors in Texas™. Our North Austin and Round Rock locations are conveniently located near to where you live and work. Contact us today to start building your new Cedar Park family. We are your home away from home for compassionate, leading-edge fertility care.

Taking Control with Egg Freezing

Emily is an intelligent and driven woman with a thriving career. She always knew that she wanted to be a mother, but she wanted to do it when it was right for her. “I’ve always wanted to have children, but I wanted to do it on my time and on my terms. That’s why I decided to freeze my eggs when I was 35,” she says. She had been thinking about fertility preservation for a while when her sister told her about Austin egg freezing specialist, Kaylen Silverberg MD. Emily chuckles, “It’s funny because I kept driving by the Texas Fertility Center billboard on Mopac, and I finally ended up scheduling an appointment.”

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